With more than 25 years of experience producing result-generating, attention-getting, award-winning work for both consumer and B2B clients, I'm a creative/art director who appreciates words and their interplay with visuals. I love the surprising or unusual twist on one or both that engages your customer. Not to win awards, but to help you achieve your goals—change perceptions, sell more products or services. Creating something cool for the sake of cool is easy, creating something cool that is meaningful and effective is the real challenge. 

I've worked across a wide range of industries—healthcare, retail, banking, professional services, non-profits, tourism, and consumer goods. Chances are, I've done something in your category that drove business results and made an impact on our client’s business. While I love working with large companies, and I’ve worked with a good number over the years, I also enjoy getting involved with projects for smaller or start-up businesses too.

I've been fortunate enough to partner with some pretty amazing companies. I'd love to collaborate with you. Drop us a line.

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